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The New Methodologies for Modeling, Simulation and Testing Automotive Lightweight Materials Conference, (July 26-27, 2017, Crown Plaza, Detroit) will address the immediate challenges for OEMs in modeling and simulation and provide best practice solutions for reducing the gap between simulation and testing.

Industry case studies from GM, Hyundai-Kia, Ford, Faraday Future, FCA and many more will provide benchmarking opportunities for attendees within the CAE, Virtual Design, Crashworthiness and Safety Engineering disciplines.

Key Speakers Include:

  • Dr Salman Kahn, CAE Lead, Faraday Future
  • Mr. Mohan Shanmugam, Modflow Specialist/Design Integrity Engineer, FCA Group
  • Steven Sheng, Formability Engineer, General Motors
  • Snehan Peshin, Product Manager (Materials), Ford Motor Company
  • Natalia Navarrete Alzate, Technical Lead For CAE, FCA Mexico
  • Jose Luis Galaviz, Frame Technical Lead - RAM Truck, FCA Group
  • Mohammed Omer, CAE Crash and Safety Engineer, Ford Motor Company

Key Features Of The Two-Day Agenda:

  • Simulation of adhesive joining on composite and metallic body structures
  • Modelling and simulation of composite material properties (NHV/FEM)
  • Modelling and simulation of metallic material properties (FEM/Forming Limit)
  • Modelling and simulation of mixed joining technology (SPR/Spot-Welding)

Officially Lifting The Veil On This Year’s Event Case Studies:

Addressing Complex Challenges And Predicting Future Developments Of Modeling Adhesive Joints
Dr Reza Bihamta, CAE Specialist, General Motors

Streamline The Complexity Of Composite Model To Cut Turnaround Time of Modeling and Testing
Snehan Peshin, Product Manager (Materials), Ford Motor Company

Adopting New Methods To Provide Better Accuracy In Design And Minimize Material Costs
Steven Sheng, Formability Engineer, General Motors

Next-Generation Collaborative Robots & Automation Technologies Automotive Manufacturing 2016

Detroit, MI | August 17-18

Next-Generation Collaborative Robots & Automation Technologies Automotive Manufacturing will assess the commercial benefits of implementing new robotics & automation technologies on production efficiency, cost and profitability.

The automotive manufacturing industry is no stranger to automation and robotics. However, what the industry is now witnessing is an influx of next-generation collaborative robots and automation technologies – technologies that are going to be provided at a lower cost than what the industry is used to, whilst driver safer, faster and more profitable manufacturing and maintaining a solid life-cycle.

Featuring key decision makers from Ford, General Motors, Subaru, Honda, Toyota, Nissan and more!

Key Focus Areas:

  • Where does automation make sense?
  • How to comply with global safety regulations
  • How to implement collaborative robots
  • Verifying robot safety
  • Error proofing & digital defect detection
  • How flexible are assembly lines to handle new product?
  • Managing changing controls architecture
  • Collecting and utilizing data

This two-day information packed agenda will deliver the latest OEM-led case studies to thoroughly assess the commercial application, integration and benefits of innovative collaborative robotic and automation technologies which will allow you to drive them factories quicker.

For more information, visit:

The most cutting edge, innovative manufacturing technologies and practices for high volume lightweight automotive production are to be revealed at the 3rd Lightweight Vehicle Manufacturing: Joining, Forming & Quality Assurance Conference taking place on  February 24-25, 2016 in Detroit, MI.

Firmly securing its place as one of the most anticipated events within the automotive manufacturing community, the GALM US Manufacturing conference will be bringing the latest OEM-led case studies on enabling maximum resistivity and performance for lightweight multi-material joints.

With the ultimate goal of lowering the costs and shortening production cycles, the congress will bring the latest insights of leading OEMs such as GM, Ford and FCA on manufacturing advancements for multi-material vehicle architectures including the use of diverse-strength aluminum, steel, magnesium and composites.

The agenda has been completely revamped to ensure relevance to the evolving challenges the OEMs are facing today.

The 2016 edition will address the following themes:

  • MITIGATE CORROSION FOR MIXED MATERIALS: Clarifying Which Corrosion Mitigation Techniques Are Being Effectively Used By OEMs To Maximize Joints Durability
  • ACHIEVE EFFECTIVE MATERIAL CHARACTERIZATION: Evaluating Properties Of The New Grades Of UHSS, Aluminum And Composites To Determine Their Influence On The Selection Of Multi-Material Joining And Forming Technologies
  • KEEP JOINING COSTS TO MINIMUM: Comparing The Cost Vs. Resistivity Performance For Laser Welding, Resistance Spot Welding And Structure Bonding For Dissimilar Materials Such As Diverse-Strength Aluminum, Diverse-Strength Steel, Magnesium And Carbon Fiber Composites
  • SHORTEN PRODUCTION CYCLES: Learn How OEMs Are Implementing The Very Latest Joining And Forming Methods To Drastically Reduce Production Cycles
  • MANAGE COMPOSITES PAINTABILITY: Optimizing Composites Properties Through The Processing And Forming To Maximize Parts Paintability
  • EVALUATING REPAIRABILITY STRATEGIES: Assessing Joints And Material Reparability To Better Understand Vehicle Parts Lifecycle And Repair Costs

Mark February 24-25, 2016 on your calendar. The full speaker line-up featuring all the OEMs and technology experts will be announced very soon.

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The largest and most trusted automotive lightweight materials congress is returning to Detroit for the 4th time. The 11th Annual Global Automotive Lightweight Materials Congress is being held August 18-20, 2015 in Detroit, Michigan.

This is the largest and most trusted automotive lightweight materials conference, and this years installment of GALM is scheduled to be the biggest and best ever. The series has been attended by 2000+ attendees across the globe, and our flagship event is returning to Detroit with a 3-day agenda – to share unprecedented detail across composites, joining, forming and multi-material design.

Building on the successes of GALM events in London, Detroit and Shanghai this year, this event is fully expected to sell-out, with over 80 attendees and 24 exhibitors already confirmed.

Expert Panel Of Speakers at GALM 2015 Detroit includes:

• David Wagner, Technical Leader Lightweight Vehicle Design, Ford
• Surender Maddela, Sr. Research & Development Engineer, Materials Engineering, Nissan Motor Corporation
• Stephen Logan, Senior Engineering Specialist, Chrysler Group LLC
• Bhavesh Shah, Senior Advanced Technology Design Release Engineer, General Motors
• Nir Khan, Director Of Design, Plasan
• Mark Voss, Engineering Group Manager, Body Advanced Technical Works, General Motors
• Dr Venkat Aitharaju, Senior Researcher, Polymer Composites, General Motors Global Research and Development
• Gregg Peterson, Senior Technical Specialist, Lotus Engineering
• Raymond Boeman, Program Director, Energy Partnerships, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
• Laurent Chappuis, Technical Expert - Lightweight Stampings, Vehicle Program Engineering – SBU, Ford
• Glenn Daehn, Mars G. Fontana Professor Of Metallurgical Engineering, Executive Director, Honda Partnership Program

With an agenda re-written from scratch and providing a globally respected platform for leading OEMs, material suppliers, joining and forming partners, the 2015 agenda provides new, exclusive content including:

  • 9 UNIQUE CASE STUDIES ON JOINING: Mitigating corrosion with strong joining for every material combination that can be applied with low cycle times
  • FORMING METALS: Benchmarking forming methods for magnesium and aluminum to enable adoption into multi-material architectures
  • 8 DEDICATED SESSIONS ON COMPOSITES: From reducing the costs and cycle times of production to design modeling and application success stories
  • DESIGN AND MATERIAL SELECTION: Selecting the optimal materials across the body, interior and closures to maximize total weight loss across the vehicle
  • RECYCLING: Analyzing the lifecycle implications for aluminum and carbon-fiber, tackling segmentation and re-use challenges

For more information or to register, visit:

As OEMs seek to develop vehicle lightweighting strategies that will allow them to cost-effectively meet fuel economy targets, they are increasingly shifting their focus to incorporate mixed-material solutions at mass produced scales.

However, applying lightweight materials to mass-produced vehicles comes with a fresh set of challenges. OEMs need to:

  • Select the optimal combination of materials including aluminum, high-strength steel, composites and magnesium
  • Source them in the volumes and specifications required for high volume production
  • Determine the optimal joining and casting techniques for mixed material manufacturing at scale

To respond to these challenges, we are delighted to announce the 3rd Annual Global Automotive Lightweight Materials Initiative: Detroit 2014, the flagship event in American Business Conferences’ world leading Automotive Lightweighting Series.

This year's event will feature presentations from the likes of Ford, GM, Chrysler, Nissan, Toyota, Volvo to examine the latest advances in material selection & mixed-material joining techniques for lightweight vehicles.  With a totally revamped agenda, the focus of presentations will be on the technical solutions that are having the biggest success in mass produced applications for lightweight vehicles in the USA.

Features Of The Brand New Agenda Include:


  • Spotlight on the technologies that are successfully being applied at high volume to help develop cost-effective mass-produced lightweight vehicles


  • Resistance Spot Welding
  • Laser Welding
  • Adhesives
  • Self-Piercing Rivets


  • Aluminum
  • Carbon Fiber & Other Emerging Composites
  • High Strength Steel
  • Magnesium
  • Mixed Material Solutions




For more information or to register, visit:

As we move ever closer to the 2020 fuel economy targets and CO2 emissions standards, solutions must be found for cost-effectively integrating lightweight materials into multi-material vehicles.

Developing technical strategies for overcoming cost pressures by identifying the right material for the right application, leveraging existing infrastructure and overcoming manufacturing challenges of joining dissimilar materials clearly are key to unlocking mass market potential.

It is the mission of the Global Automotive Lightweight Materials Initiative to support delivery of aggressive lightweighting by providing a unique per material analysis to showcase technical innovation for successfully integrating multi-materials into vehicles.

What Makes GALM The Industry Leading Event?

  • In-depth per material, per application analysis to practically demonstrate and identify the right materials for the right applications at the right cost
  • Material Suppliers’ panel: Revealing plans and perspectives of material suppliers addressing global availability to support increased automotive demand of lightweight materials
  • More OEM speakers than any other lightweighting forum with extended panel discussions and designated Q&A sessions to promote constructive debate

What's New This Year?

  • Material Characterization for CAE Workshop: This pre-conference, interactive workshop (August, 20) will bring together the views of OEMs, Tier 1s and Material Suppliers to evaluate practical solutions for accurate modeling of multi-material vehicles including pre-competitive cross industry collaboration and the democratisation of material characteristics for lightweight materials and new alloys.
  • Practical Demonstration Of The Total Benefits Of Lightweighting: This three-part session has been designed to bring together the experiences of body, chassis, powertrain and sub-system experts to evaluate the total contribution and knock on effects of lightweighting across the entire vehicle.
  • Per Material, Per Application Analysis For Joining And Forming: Taking a deep dive into practically overcoming manufacturing challenges to form and join mixed material lightweight vehicles.
  • Extended Panel Discussions: Compare and contrast new advancements and participate constructive industry debate
  • Overcoming Global Challenges Of Lightweighting: Addressing the global availability of raw materials, manufacturing capabilities and Tier 1 support for vehicles produced on a global scale
  • Optimizing Through Lightweight Design: Briefings on part consolidation, packaging efficiency and designing for fiber reinforced composite structures

Vehicle OEM Led Agenda Of Experts Include:

  • Scott Miller, Director of Global Mass, Energy and Aerodynamics, General Motors
  • Patrick Blanchard, Supervisor- Composites Group Leader, Ford
  • Paul Krajewski, Engineering Group Manager, General Motors
  • James Dykeman, Metalurgist – Materials, Honda
  • Craig Renneker, Chief Engineer- Component & Pre-Program, Transmission & Driveline Engineering, Ford
  • Kai Salzmann, Director Vehicle Engineering, Lotus Engineering
  • Ali Alkelani, Senior Fastening Specialist, BMW
  • Leland Decker, Development Lead – BIW Structures Group-, Chrysler
  • Joseph Polewarczyk, Technical Lead Engineer Body & Exterior Advanced Technology, General Motors
  • Shawn Morgans, Body Structure Technical Leader, Ford
  • Sukhbir Bilkhu, Executive Safety Specialist, Chrysler
  • Umesh Gandhi, Advanced Research Scientist, Toyota Research Institute of North America
  • Stephen Logan, Senior Engineering Specialist, Chrysler
  • Hesham Ezzat, GM Technical Fellow-Body, General Motors
  • Ralph White, Senior Engineering Specialist, Chrysler
  • Greg Peterson, Senior Technical Specialist, Lotus Engineering
  • James Trusker, Development Lead - CAE Integration, Chrysler
  • Venkat Aitharaju, Senior Researcher, Polymer Composites, General Motors Global R&D
  • Don Malen, Adjunct Faculty Member, University of Michigan
  • Tonja Sutton, Global Strategic Marketing Manager – Adhesives, Dow Automotive
  • Allan James, North American Field Marketing Manager, Composites, Dow Automotive
  • Prabhat Rastogi, Manager Automotive Worldwide Sales And Marketing, ArcelorMittal
  • Philippe Lequeu, Research and Development Director, Constellium

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