Altair Engineering Announces successful 7th CAE Technology Conference

Altair Engineering, Inc., a leading global provider of technology and services empowering client innovation and decision-making, today announced that Altair’s 7th CAE Technology Conference attracted over 300 engineers and simulation experts from UK industry confirming the 7th CAE Technology Conference as one of the most important events in the UK engineering calendar.  

Ten high quality presentations represented a diverse range of industries including aerospace, automotive, defence, nuclear and water. Topics included optimisation, composites, NVH, safety, solver sessions for accurate structural analysis, multi-body dynamics, and more. Keynotes from Jaguar Land Rover and Airbus reviewed some of the challenges facing CAE simulation today. Mark Stanton, Group Chief Engineer, Jaguar Land Rover discussed the transition from physical testing to virtual testing and the use of Altair’s HyperWorks simulation tools to significantly reduce the design time and cost of producing quality vehicles. Tim Galsworthy, Head of Airframe Architecture, Airbus UK, discussed aircraft design integration requirements and their influence on component optimization for the A350 program.

One automotive technical presentation came from David Fothergill, SVT & Bentley Motors Ltd. His paper entitled “The Use of System Modelling Techniques to Filter Test Measurements and Drive a Physical NVH Simulator” demonstrated the application of HyperWorks to provide directional guidance in the design and development of luxury vehicles.

“The Conference was a great event,” said David Fothergill, who presented for SVT & Bentley Motors Ltd. “We were impressed not only by the number of attendees, but also by the cross-section of industries and interests. SVT attracted lot of interest in their desktop simulator and were kept quite busy demonstrating it. All in all, a great day!”

Another interesting paper from the water industry was presented by Tuan Ta, Research Scientist, Innovation, Thames Water. His paper “Free Surface Flow Simulation with Acusim in the Water Industry" showed the audience how AcuSolve, a leading computational fluid dynamics (CFD) solver within the HyperWorks suite, was used to understand water surface flow and its free surface boundary when designing and optimising water systems including storage tanks.

Engineers from two formula one teams also presented at the conference: Jonathan Heal, Senior Stress Engineer, McLaren Racing, presented a paper titled “Optimisation Study of a Formula One Front Wing”. He described how using HyperMesh and OptiStruct helped them develop a composite laminate for the front wing of a formula one car to ensure maximum performance and minimum weight. Dave Mylett, Senior Structures Analyst, presented a paper for Force India F1. His paper titled “Principal Roll Structure Design Using Non-Linear Implicit Optimisation in Radioss” discussed how the team used RADIOSS to design and develop a principal roll structure to meet FIA safety regulations. Both teams relied on HyperWorks to ensure their cars could deliver the required performance targets while taking into account the strict safety standards set by the FIA.

"I am proud to say that this high level of attendance is an endorsement to how well the HyperWorks tools are respected in industry today. Our conferences present an excellent platform for engineers from across industry to communicate their work and interact with others to drive the CAE industry forward.” said David Mason, Managing Director, Altair Engineering UK. “It is encouraging to learn that most attendees would recommend the conference to their colleagues as a great networking forum, and that most rated the technical quality of the papers as either excellent or very good. All feedback from the conference will be used to improve our next conference for 2013,” added Mr Mason.

CRADLE was this year’s gold sponsors, and they were joined by other HyperWorks partners – Moldex3D, e-Xstream and FEMFAT Software. Other sponsors included Safe Technology, AMD and Applied Computing & Engineering. In addition to the sponsors, the following exhibitors presented their innovations: McLaren Racing (composite front wing of a F1 car), Force India F1 (roll hoop of a F1 car), SELEX Galileo (Ariel Towed Radar Decoy), SVT (desktop NVH Simulator), Airbus (Airbus A350 parts) and Jaguar Land Rover (Range Rover Evoque & Jaguar XKRS).

For more information on the UK CAE Technology Conference and for a list of papers presented visit:

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