Altair Adds Electric Field Simulation From Fieldscale to Software Lineup

Altair announced that Fieldscale has joined the Altair Partner Alliance (APA) with its electromagnetic simulation software, Charge. The software specializes in electrostatic simulations, also known as electric field simulations.

"We are very proud to join the Altair Partner Alliance,” said Yiorgos Bontzios, CEO of Fieldscale. “Fieldscale's next generation simulation software will empower engineers to design more efficient products in less time, becoming a necessary tool for any result-driven electric hardware company. Altair will be a powerful ally in this direction and together, we will enable engineers to run impossible simulations.”

Charge enables engineers to analyze the electric field of an entire model without compromising to unrealistic simplifications, allowing them to simulate problems that were previously unsolvable. Based on the reliable Boundary Element Method, Charge accurately computes the electric potential and field distribution for complex structures. It breaks down the simulation process to five steps within a simple-to-use environment, leading to increased productivity and efficiency. Its parallelized algorithms deliver the results of an overnight process in minutes.

“We welcome Charge from Fieldscale into the APA,” said Dr. Ulrich Jakobus, Vice President – Electromagnetic Solutions of Altair. “This tool is as an accurate, efficient and highly-parallelized solver for electrostatic applications, complementing Altair’s high frequency electromagnetic offering FEKO.”

In the energy industry, Charge enables engineers to design high-voltage equipment including electrodes, switchgears, bushings and insulators. It also satisfies safety standards by testing electrical breakdown and spark-over, preventing damage to equipment. In addition, Charge helps engineers design better and more efficient Lightning Protection Systems to protect buildings, aircrafts, wind turbine farms and more.

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