President Obama to Visit Alcoa's Davenport, Iowa, Plant

Alcoa (NYSE:AA) announced today that U.S. President Barack Obama will tour its Davenport, Iowa, facility, one of the most advanced manufacturing plants in the world, on Tuesday June 28. Originally opened in 1948, the plant employs 2,000 people, and is a focal point of the global aluminum industry, generating approximately 25 percent of its revenues through exports.

Davenport is the manufacturing hub of Alcoa’s $3 billion aerospace business and the world’s premier aerospace supply plant, producing high-tech alloys and wings for all major aircraft, including Airbus' A380, the world’s largest passenger plane, and Boeing's 747-8 and 777.

“It is a true honor that President Obama has chosen to visit Alcoa in Davenport, a great example of the high technical capabilities and innovation that makes U.S. manufacturing strong,” said Alcoa Chairman and CEO Klaus Kleinfeld.

Alcoa is at the forefront of American innovation, having developed 95 percent of all aerospace alloys ever created. This tradition continues to this day, as Davenport will soon begin manufacturing with the company’s newest aviation breakthrough, third-generation aluminum lithium alloys that make planes lighter, corrosion resistant, and more cost effective to manufacture.

In addition to aerospace, Alcoa Davenport also provides armor to the defense market, lightweight solutions to the automotive sector, and aluminum sheet for a wide-range of industrial uses.

“We have more jobs in Davenport today than before the crisis as we capture growing global demand for innovative products. We welcome the opportunity to share with the President our American manufacturing success story,” Kleinfeld added.

About Alcoa Davenport

Opened in 1948, Alcoa Davenport is situated on the Mississippi River, about seven miles from downtown Davenport, Iowa. The plant employs 2,000 people in high-tech aluminum sheet and plate manufacturing for the aerospace, defense, automotive and building and construction markets, and last year delivered revenues of $800 million. Alcoa has invested more than $200 million over the past decade to maintain Davenport’s position as the world’s premier aerospace supply plant. Davenport remains the only facility that can manufacture airplane wings as a monolithic structure, delivering enhanced structural integrity and lighter weight aircraft, and today produces wings for almost all planes made by Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier and Embraer. The plant also produces unique armor products for the U.S. military, including the Humvee and MRAP, and delivers automotive solutions that are enabling lighter, more fuel efficient automotive vehicles. Alcoa Davenport is at the forefront of sustainability leadership, and recently became home to a pair of American Bald Eagles and their baby – Freedom – whose progress has been followed by hundreds of thousands via live webcam -

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