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Albright Technologies, a provider of silicone prototyping and low-volume production molding solutions, announced a restructuring of its organization following a comprehensive evaluation of its workforce. The restructuring will pose the company to be better suited to the needs of the current silicone molding market.

The organizational changes include adding two new positions, a Director of Operations and a Director of Sales & Marketing. Matthew Bont has been promoted from Quality Manager and Senior Project Engineer positions to Director of Operations. Mr. Bont has been with Albright for seven years and has a strong understanding of the silicone market, which he will be able to utilize to enhance the business. “Promoting Matthew Bont to Director of Operations will enhance our business in terms of production scheduling, implementation of new technologies, and the creation of new procedures and policies for day to day operations,” said David Comeau, President and Founder of Albright Technologies.

Ryan Taylor has been promoted from Business Development Specialist to Director of Sales & Marketing. “Ryan’s years of field sales, sales management and internet marketing experience at his previous employ make him an excellent choice to be our Director of Sales & Marketing,” stated David Comeau.

David Comeau has come out of retirement to lead the organization. Although David enjoyed retirement, he focused on developing a clear path forward for Albright and formulated a strategy of continuous and aggressive growth. “I’m pleased to be back at Albright, I have many ideas to enhance our business, and a great team to implement them,” said David Comeau.

Albright Technologies is also pleased to announce the launch of its new website The website was designed utilizing the latest WordPress technology to create a site that is compatible with today’s popular browsers and mobile devices to enhance the users experience through streamlined content, videos and photographs and refined menu options. will provide visitors with extensive product and service information regarding the company’s silicone prototyping and low-volume production molding solutions.

“The launch of our new website will enhance our visitors’ user experience,” said Ryan Taylor, Sales & Marketing Manager at Albright. “We anticipate that our web visitors will rapidly find the content that they require with our new site,” he added. David Comeau, President, noted that Albright needed a revised and up-to-date website as early as 2014. Mr. Comeau stated, “Our latest rendition of the site offers the latest developments in web design technology.” “These developments are something all of our visitors can benefit from,” he added.

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Albright Technologies, Inc. has announced the release of an entirely new version of their popular Silicone Molding Design Manual, a valuable resource used by design engineers in medical and other industry applications.

The Silicone Molding Design Manual 6th Edition, now over 200 pages, is searchable and offers users the most extensive compilation of silicone data in the industry. The manual was downloaded over 2,000 times in 2011 alone by a wide variety of industry professionals.

The 6th Edition manual now features white papers from Nusil Silicone Technology, Applied Silicone and Bluestar Silicones. These white papers include information on factors to consider when selecting medical grade silicones, adhering to difficult substrates with silicone adhesives and treatment systems, silicone molded tubing assembly, as well as a review of the benefits obtained by providing the molder control of the LSR cure kinetics.

Also included in the manual is valuable information from Wacker Silicones and Dow Corning on topics including: short and long term implantable components, silicone gaskets, o-rings and diaphragms, as well as high temperature silicones and vibration dampening silicones.

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