AICON’s optical measuring system now with interface to PowerINSPECT

As of now AICONs optical measuring system MoveInspect HR will be delivered with a direct interface to Delcam’s analysis software PowerINSPECT.

MoveInspect HR is a portable coordinate measurement machine, consisting of high-resolution digital cameras and the hand-operated MI.Probe. The data are collected by sampling defined measuring points with the probe. In doing so, the system even measures hidden points fast and precisely. In contrast to articulated arms, MoveInspect HR allows for total freedom of movement around the measuring object as there is no mechanic limitation. The only requirement is a line of sight between the probe and the camera system. Therefore MoveInspect HR offers a wide field of application, from the geometric inspection of small handy components to the measurement of entire wind turbine rotor blades.

The direct connection of MoveInspect HR to PowerINSPECT offers a great advantage: Before the beginning of data collection a measurement plan can be created in the analysis software, which prescribes the measurement procedure in a detailed way. Thus even inexperienced users will be guided through the measuring-process smoothly. During data collection, the MI.Probe acts as a central control unit: By pressing different buttons on the probe, the measuring process will either be started or undone, or the completion of a measuring process is signalized to the software. That makes the handling extremely easy.

Following to data collection, various analyses can be run in the PowerINSPECT software, for example the comparison of the collected data with all major CAD formats. PowerINSPECT is able to manage alignment and positioning tasks as well. The software creates user-defined test reports including graphical presentations of the results and highlighted deviations.

“It’s absolutely necessary that the analysis of measuring data can be done in a fast and comfortable way. We are happy that our customers now profit from the new interface to PowerINSPECT next to the already existing plug-in to the software PolyWorks/Inspector.” explains Dr.-Ing. Carl-Thomas Schneider, managing director of AICON 3D Systems. “That means: Everyone, who is already using PowerINSPECT in his company, doesn’t have to purchase new analysis software to work with our measuring system. This avoids both acquisition and training costs. Since our cooperation with Innovmetric, producer of the PolyWorks software, we’ve already received a lot of positive feedback from our customers. We expect the same for PowerINSPECT.”

At the Control show in Stuttgart / Germany, both AICON and Delcam will be present with a booth: AICON will showcase the measuring system MoveInspect HR in the context of hourly live-demos in hall 5 (stand 5206), Delcam will demonstrate their software solutions in hall 3 (stand 3514).

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