AIAA Propulsion and Energy Forum and Exposition 2015

The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) will hold its Propulsion and Energy Forum and Exposition 2015 (AIAA Propulsion and Energy 2015), July 27–29, at the Hilton Orlando, Orlando, Florida. The forum will examine how best to design and implement future energy systems; the future of aircraft propulsion, technology, and development trends in future propulsion systems; the cost and affordability of future energy and propulsion systems, as well as other topics of discussion such as electric propulsion, infrastructure, and workforce development.

“AIAA Propulsion and Energy 2015 will bring together more than 1,000 attendees from across the globe – underscoring the fact that aerospace progress depends on international cooperation among like-minded individuals, organizations, and companies committed to improving processes and technology,” said Sandra Magnus, AIAA executive director. “I am excited to see what new ideas and concepts come out of this forum, and how my fellow participants use this time to collaborate, innovate, and advance the state of the art.”

Featuring three discussion tracks, a dynamic plenary program, a robust set of Forum 360 discussion panels, and more than 600 individual presentations from 300 institutions in 28 countries across 24 topic areas, AIAA Propulsion and Energy 2015 is an international forum that will bring together leaders in the propulsion and energy fields from government, industry, and academia to discuss mission-critical topics that are timely and relevant to the aerospace and energy communities. Christopher "Chris" Lorence, general manager, Engineering Technologies, GE Aviation, will kick off the forum on Monday, July 29, with a plenary address on “Aviation Innovation.”

Other specific plenary topics include:

  • Developing Creative Storytelling Using Model Based Design
  • Global Cooperation and Economic Development
  • Cost & Affordability of Future Systems
  • Technology Development and Trends in Propulsion and Energy
  • Workforce Development

Propulsion and energy systems are at the heart of global aviation and space exploration efforts,” said Charles Precourt, vice president and general manager, Propulsion Systems Division, Orbital ATK, and the forum’s general chair. “Advances in technology will enable us to travel faster, farther, and more efficiently than ever before, and reduce our impact on the environment. With six plenary sessions, six Forum 360 panels and more than 600 technical papers, AIAA Propulsion and Energy 2015 will provide attendees with opportunities to hear from and collaborate with colleagues from across the industry and around the world. At every session, event and even in the hallways, you will hear engaging, substantive and forward-focused conversations that will positively impact propulsion and energy systems for decades to come.”

AIAA Propulsion and Energy 2015 will feature expert speakers and industry thought leaders, including:

  • Jean Botti, executive vice president, research and technology, Airbus Group
  • Frank Culbertson, president, Space Systems Group, Orbital ATK
  • Jonny Dyer, chief engineer, Google + Skybox Imaging
  • Jean-Paul Ebanga, president, CFM International
  • Barbara Esker, deputy director, Advanced Air Vehicles Program, Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate, NASA
  • N. Wayne Hale Jr., director of human spaceflight, Space Aerospace Services LLC
  • Mike Hawes, vice president, and Orion program manager, Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company
  • Mark Lewis, director, Science and Technology Policy Institute, Institute for Defense Analyses
  • Richard Parker, director, research and technology, Rolls-Royce Corporation
  • Michael Tschanz, director of Technology and Analysis, a department within Design and Engineering at Walt Disney World®
  • Yvette Weber, engineering manager, United States Air Force.

AIAA's Form 360 panels will offer in-depth discussion of several topics, including: “Aircraft Electric Propulsion – Bridging the Gap”; “Government Investments Enabling Advancement of In-Space Propulsion”; “Evolution of our National Ground Test Capability”; “Integrated Roles of Experimental Fluid Dynamics and Computational Fluid Dynamics”; “Work/Life Balance Challenges for the 21st Century”; and “Advancing Engineering Through Effective Communication with the Media.”

AIAA Propulsion and Energy 2015 also will feature a recognition luncheon on Wednesday, July 29, at 12:30 p.m. The awards to be presented are the Aerospace Power Systems Award; Air Breathing Propulsion Award; Energy Systems Award; Engineer of the Year Award; Propellants and Combustion Award; and the Wyld Propulsion Award.

The forum also will feature a Rising Leaders in Aerospace program for young professionals. The program, sponsored by Aviation Week Network and Lockheed Martin Corporation, will offer events tailored for aerospace students and aerospace professionals just starting out or in the first few years of their career.

The executive sponsor for Propulsion and Energy 2015 is GE. Other Sponsors include: Bastion Technologies, Crean & Associates, Dunmore Corporation, Lockheed Martin Corporation, The Linde Group, and Precision Fluid Controls. The forum’s media sponsors are Aerospace America and Space News.

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