Advanced Molding Technologies Announces Expansion

Founded in 1999, Advanced Molding Technologies LLC (Advanced) is officially ready for a new unveiling. Starting with hiring additional sales staff and creating a marketing department, Advanced is expanding in more ways than one. Advanced has gone through a complete rebrand featuring a new look, new website, and new tradeshow booth. Why the change? No industry, even plastics, is exempt from the necessity of remaining relevant - successful businesses rise to meet the challenge.   

One of the only companies to offer ADCF (Animal Derived Component Free) manufacturing to its customers, Advanced has become comfortable competing in niche markets. ADCF Molding is especially relevant for life science, pharmaceutical, and now medical device OEMs concerned about products containing bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) or commonly referred to as mad cow disease. To eliminate this concern, Advanced constructed an ADCF work cell designed to maintain the integrity and cleanliness of the raw materials and molded components throughout the entire manufacturing process. The ADCF work cell was assembled using complete material management, molding equipment, clean room air flow, and part handling equipment designed to mold, handle, and package parts with minimal exposure of the molding environment to human operators.

Additionally, Advanced has leveraged extensive engineering knowledge of mold design, build, and qualification to develop their QUICK MOLDS™ Prototyping System. The basis of this new system: offering lightening-fast turn around times – typically four weeks or less – while still meeting your production quality needs. Emphasizing to customers that “you get what you want, not just what you get.”

As far as physical expansion, Advanced’s facility size is increasing by 50%. The facility is expanding from 33,000 sq ft to just under 50,000 sq ft. Advanced’s forecasted growth requires adding an additional 12 presses to their facility over the next 12-15 months.  

Founded on creating efficient designs and robust manufacturing processes – Advanced now looks forward to continuing its growth with a fresh face.

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