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Industrial 3D metal printing or additive manufacturing is gaining ground by the day. In aerospace fuel nozzles are printed by GE Aviation and Siemens are printing parts for turbines. In the medical industry additive processes are used for both dental and medical implants by several specialised manufacturers. Crucial in the success of these innovative applications is the ability of the designer to ‘design for additive manufacturing’ and maximize the possibilities this new production technology has to offer. Apply the features that make this technology unique: thin walls, honeycomb structures, form free channels in the product, integration of functions and personalisation.

In order to grow the number of examples and inspire many other industries to develop dedicated applications for industrial 3D printing, Additive Industries is presenting the second edition of the Additive World Design for Additive Manufacturing Challenge. Competing in two categories, both professionals and students are encouraged to redesign an existing conventional part of a machine or product for 3D printing. The winners are announced at the Additive World Conference on March 23rd, 2016 in Eindhoven.

Partners in the Design for Additive Manufacturing Challenge are leading CAE technology provider (e.g. Topology Optimization) - Altair Engineering and consumer 3D printer manufacturer Ultimaker. The contestants will be supported by Additive Industries’ AddLab team in topology optimisation during the design process and the winners in both categories take home the latest Ultimaker 2 3D printer. Also the award winning designs will be printed in metal.

For more information on the Design Challenge including evaluation criteria and how to submit your redesign, visit:

Additive Industries’ first truly industrial 3D metal printing system, MetalFAB1, offers substantially improved performance over typical midrange systems. The industrial grade additive manufacturing machine and integrated Additive World software platform will deliver up to a tenfold reproducibility, productivity and flexibility.

The improved performance is achieved by robust and thermally optimised equipment design, smart feedback control and calibration strategies, elimination of waiting time and automation of build plate and product handling. The modular design of the MetalFAB1 system allows for customer- and application-specific process configuration. Multiple build chambers with individual integrated powder handling make this industrial 3D printer the first to combine up to four materials simultaneously in one single machine. The MetalFAB1 can be equipped with a maximum of four full field lasers, thereby eliminating the need for stitching when printing large objects. MetalFAB1 is also the only system to include a furnace for integrated stress relief heat treatment. The size of a single build envelope (420x420x400 [mm]) places the MetalFAB1 among the top 3 largest 3D metal printers available.

On Monday November 16th, the first customers and international press were invited to Eindhoven to get a preview of the first two MetalFAB1 systems. Additive Industries will start its Beta test programme next month and four Beta machines have already been reserved by customers from demanding markets like aerospace, high tech equipment and tooling. ‘We are eager to work closely together with our Beta customers. We will team up to further develop the process, new materials and applications as well as testing the performance to substantially improve the business cases of our customers’,  said Daan Kersten, co-founder and CEO of Additive Industries.

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Additive Industries is proud to announce that Ilko Bosman, former co-owner of Freedom of Creation, one of the pioneers in the 3D printing market and acquired by 3D Systems in 2011, will join the young Eindhoven technology company. In his role as Manager Finance & IT, Ilko will be responsible for the Additive World Platform supporting the complete 3D metal printing workflow and integrating seamlessly with the MetalFAB1 printing system that is launched later this year. He will also oversee the finance and administration processes.

‘We are proud that Ilko is joining our management team with his vast experience in the 3D printing space. We have worked together on the development of the Additive World Platform for two years now and he has proven to be a visionary on the integration of hardware equipment and software in this digital technology. Besides that he is very experienced, hands on and pragmatic which is a perfect fit with both our company culture and industrial markets’, said Daan Kersten, CEO of Additive Industries.

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Wednesday, 02 September 2015 16:10

Harry Kleijnen Joins Additive Industries Team

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Additive Industries is proud to announce that Harry Kleijnen, previously responsible for the Philips Healthcare team printing tungsten grids for its X-Ray systems, joined the young Eindhoven technology company on September 1st.

In his role as Manager Process & Application Development, Harry Kleijnen will be responsible for the processes and customer applications for the industrial metal additive manufacturing system MetalFAB1.

""Harry is adding essential and in-depth process knowledge to our team and understands the business cases of our future customers in demanding and regulated markets"", said Daan Kersten, CEO of Additive Industries.

""Since we are preparing the launch of our first system in Q4 of this year, we need to build our sales and support organisation. Harry will play a key role in this next phase of our company", adds Jonas Wintermans, COO.

Additive Industries is dedicated to bringing metal additive manufacturing for functional parts from lab to fab by offering a modular 3D printing system and seamlessly integrated information platform to high-end and demanding industrial markets.

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Additive Industries confirmed the launch date and revealed the name of its new industrial additive manufacturing system: MetalFAB1. This comprehensive system embodies the ambition of Additive Industries to take 3D metal printing beyond the current lab and prototyping use, to actual fabrication use on the factory floor.

In the short introductory film, Additive Industries reveals aspects of their fully integrated 3D metal printer. "Our system will bring a substantial improvement in reproducibility, productivity and flexibility as a result of our quest to design an industrial grade metal printing process", said Daan Kersten, CEO of Additive Industries.

The high reproducibility of MetalFAB1 takes its inspiration from the semiconductor industry. Stability is achieved by robust machine design in combination with a continuous calibration strategy. Additive Industries believes in an integrated process flow for industrial additive manufacturing, therefore multiple process steps are incorporated in one machine for the first time. Fully automated handling connects all process steps, reduces manual labour, and improves product consistency and quality, while also increasing operator safety. The modular architecture offers maximum flexibility, allowing the user to start with a basic machine configuration with the possibility to enlarge the scope of the process, enabling substantially increased productivity. Moreover, modules can be added to allow the use of multiple materials in one machine without having to clean the powder system and running the risk of cross-contamination. "We are on schedule to launch the machine in the fourth quarter of this year", adds Mark Vaes, Technology Manager of Additive Industries and the leader of the MetalFab1 development project.

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