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Addaero Launched With Purchase of Arcam A2X EBM Machine

Addaero Manufacturing announces the formation of a new firm that is aimed at becoming the preeminent supplier of 3D Additive parts for the aerospace industry. The core promise of the company is based upon delivering “additive parts by aerospace people” that combines intimate aerospace knowledge with additive manufacturing prowess. Two of the principals involved in the start-up of the firm, Rich Merlino and Dave Hill, have extensive experience in aerospace segments, both having worked with Pratt & Whitney in various engineering, operations and supply-side roles.

“The aerospace industry is increasingly looking to utilize additive parts in R&D projects and eventually in production. Very few additive manufacturing companies have the deep level of understanding about what is involved in aerospace matched with additive manufacturing expertise. With Addaero you get both,” stated Rich Merlino, President.

The additive manufacturing approach that Addaero delivers is based solely upon solving customer challenges with solutions that work and support their additive parts requirements. Addaero currently features Arcam EBM (Electron Beam Melting) as one of their key approaches to additive parts manufacturing, while also being flexible to other technologies such as DMLS. Cedar Terrazas, V.P. Engineering, has nearly a decade of experience working with Arcam EBM technology.

“By always exploring many different additive manufacturing methods we’re continually investigating new ways to combine the right technology to the application. Being flexible and knowing the aerospace segment provides us the opportunity to align the technology and manufacturing solution that’s right for each and every application,” remarked David Hill, V.P. Operations.

Addaero offers the aerospace industry a multitude of solutions from rapid development of parts from CAD drawings that save months of time bringing designs to life that weren’t possible with traditional machining approaches. All designed to help reduce the time to market - the critical element that parts manufacturers play in the aerospace world.

Addaero is centrally located in New Britain, Connecticut with close proximity to many large aerospace companies.

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