Original Titanium Wedding Ring is designed in Cloud9 and 3D Printed by i.materialise

The growing community of DIY designers + makers is a phenomenon that has exploded in recent months. The shift away from mass customized products towards individual, personalized goods is a reflection of the changing tide in consumerism and it has been made possible by the increasing accessibility of the tools that allow consumers to design and make the products they want – when they want them.

Personalisation is the creation of a product to meet the specific requirements of an individual. The epitome of personalisation is the creation of one’s own wedding ring, and that is precisely what Cloud9 design software together with 3D printing from i.materialise has achieved for Kari.

Of course it helps if your mum has a background in design and jewellery — but these days it is not an essential factor. This inspiring story, though, is shared to illustrate the potential of original design + make technologies.

Rob proposed to Kari at the end of last year, and her dream engagement ring was one that Kari had seen years earlier, created using traditional techniques by her mum, Ann Marie Shillito who is a jeweller,  a 3D design software developer and a self-confessed 3D printing evangelist.

Kari is extremely proud of her mother, saying: “‘I have been so lucky growing up with a jeweller as my mum, some of my earliest and fondest memories are walking through the front door after school to the familiar sound of her hammering away in her workshop.”

Ann Marie now also runs Anarkik3D, a company that has developed Cloud9 — a haptic, organic modelling software package for easy, intuitive 3D design. This original software in combination with the latest developments in 3D printing materials — titanium — meant that the timing could not have been more perfect for Ann Marie to bring all of the necessary threads together to fulfill her daughter’s wish.

The original engagement ring would have been extremely difficult to reproduce for a number of reasons, however, with Cloud9 and 3D printing at her disposal, Ann Marie was able to recreate the design within the software, to be 3D printed in titanium. Furthermore, she was able to design a super fluid titanium wedding ring that flows around the diamond of the engagement ring to create an elegant, personal integrated set.

With the general concept approved by the happy couple the process was set in motion. A test design from Cloud9 was 3D printed in steel for Kari to see and try it on. Following this the full, integrated set was finalised in the Cloud9 software using an accurate digital diamond. On final approval, the wedding ring design was saved and converted to .stl format and sent to I.imaterialise in Belgium to be printed in Titanium. Within two weeks the ring was returned for finishing. With the diamond set in the gold engagement ring the two fitted together perfectly so it looks as though the diamond is floating within the flowing titanium bands.

Kari is absolutely delighted with the results: “I love that my mum made my wedding ring using a 3D computer programme! As well as an interesting life, she has given us a unique and special gift and our rings are now all the more precious to us.”

The Cloud9 software is part of a complete design package — Chameleon — which includes the Falcon 3D mouse; uniquely available from A1 Technologies.

For more information, visit: www.a1-tech.co.uk or i.materialise.com

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