Design & Technology for All Our Futures - A1 Technologies will take part at the 2011 NAAIDT Annual Conference

A1 Technologies is delighted to be participating at the NAAIDT annual conference, which will take place 19th-21st May, 2011 at the INTECH Centre, Winchester. NAAIDT, the The National Association of Advisers and Inspectors in Design and Technology, is an organization dedicated to the promotion of Design & Technology across the UK curriculum and developing best practices for practical activity with a range of technologies within schools. This year, the exhibition that runs along side the annual conference for NAAIDT members, will also be open to schools from local counties. Nick Baldwin, one of the event’s organisers believes this will bring a valuable dimension to the 3-day conference and exhibition. The venue for the event is the INTECH science centre, which is also an educational resource in its own right, supporting learning in science, technology, engineering and maths. At the event later this month, A1 Technologies will showcase its full range of low-cost 3D digital technologies.

Bringing together some of the most innovative and accessible 3D products on the market today, A1 Technologies aims to show this influential and user-based group of people that it is entirely feasible to bring 3D products into the class room right now. Demonstrations on site will also prove how incredibly safe to use every product in the A1 portfolio is — for any age group. The A1 portfolio of products ticks all of the right boxes for educational requirements and each product is accessible in every conceivable way because they are low cost, easy to use and extremely safe. A1 Technologies will also show visitors at the event how all of these technologies can be integrated in a holistic way to maximize the potential of the 3D world for designing and making products.

The A1 Product Range

Over the last two years, A1 Technologies has brought together a range of ultra-low-cost, advanced 3D digital technology products. The company can now offer a remarkable and comprehensive suite of 3D technologies — all for the same price as one traditional machine.

The full technology suite includes:

• a 5-axis CNC machine complete with software and a range of tools;
• a pre-built 3D printer with 4 kg of print material and conversion software for the printer, which will also check and repair .stl files;
• a creative haptically-enabled 3D design package;
• a 3D laser scanner;
• an engineering kit that allow students to experience six different machines — including a jigsaw, lathe, mill, drill and sander.

Every product in the technology bundle has been designed and developed to be used by students or anyone without training, rather than only by technicians or teachers on their behalf. Not only can students gain first-hand experience with easy-to-use, intuitive equipment; they are also able to see for themselves exactly how the technology works, due to the open, visible design of the equipment.

The full range of products offered by A1 Technologies includies the StudioMill 5-axis CNC machine, the RapMan and BfB 3D printers, the Chameleon 3D haptic application, the 3D David Laser Scanner and the Unimat range.

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