Calling all Design & Technology Teachers

Calling all Design & Technology Teachers

What would YOU buy for your classroom with £10,000?

A new lathe?  A 3D printer?  Maybe a CNC mill or router?

What if you didn’t have to choose?

This is not a ‘too good to be true’ sales pitch. It is vital information that should be considered by every school teaching the design and technology curriculum.

A1 Technologies is a company that believes in getting real cutting edge 3D technologies into the hands of young people. In so doing students are challenged to design, engineer and make — inspiring them to translate their creative skills into their future careers.

Over the last two years, A1 Technologies has brought together a range of ultra-low-cost, advanced 3D digital technology products. The company can now offer a remarkable and comprehensive suite of 3D technologies for educational institutions — all for under £10,000.

The full technology suite includes:

• a 5-axis CNC machine complete with software and a range of tools;
• a pre-built 3D printer with 4 kg of print material and conversion software for the printer, which will also check and repair .stl files;
• a creative haptically-enabled 3D design package;
• a 3D laser scanner;
• an engineering kit that allows students to experience six different machines — including a jigsaw, lathe, mill, drill and sander.

Every product in the technology bundle has been developed and designed to be used by students or anyone without training, rather than only by technicians or teachers on their behalf. The equipment is fully accessible by anyone in the classroom. Not only can students gain first-hand experience with easy-to-use, intuitive equipment, but they are able to see for themselves exactly how the technology works, due to the open, visible design of the equipment.

Essentially, all teachers and purchase officers should be made aware that for the price of just one traditional machine they can now realistically acquire a complete 3D suite of products. This will not only enable them to meet the needs of the whole D&T curriculum but it will also give pupils access to a full range of cutting-edge 3D technologies that will allow them to experience concept development, through design to final physical (and/or virtual) model.

The full range of products from A1 Technologies can be viewed at the company’s website:

About A1 Technologies Limited

Established in 2009, A1 Technologies supplies highly affordable, entry-level 3D digital technologies to educational and industrial organisations. The company has a strong background in advanced technologies for design, engineering and manufacturing and a philosophy of promoting these technologies at the earliest opportunity in school curriculums to encourage understanding and uptake by tomorrow’s engineers.  A1 Technologies works to democratize 3D digital technologies for everyone and to this end, the full range can be acquired separately for particular applications or procured as an integrated package — all at ultra low prices that cannot be matched. The A1 portfolio stands out as the most innovative 3D digital technology offering on the market today because it is within the reach of everyone — both in terms of budget and ease of use. Individuals, educational institutions from kindergarten to university stages, as well as commercial organizations can now all realistically consider the potential advantages of embracing 3D digital technologies.   

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Martin Stevens
A1 Technologies Limited
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