A1 Technologies Participates at the 3D Printing Event during DDW

A1 Technologies is delighted to be taking part in the 3D Printing Event, which is taking place in Eindhoven, The Netherlands on 25th October to coincide with the Dutch Design Week (DDW). By participating in this event A1 will showcase its comprehensive range of products, including 3D printers, as well as the low-cost design tools and scanning equipment that allow users to create the 3D models for printing.

As awareness of 3D printing continues to grow and new applications emerge — almost daily — 3D printing is a very exciting industry with which to be involved. Martin Stevens, CEO of A1 Technologies is a fervent believer in the capabilities of 3D printing and what it can offer our global community. Martin has been involved with 3D printing for many years, and one of the existing barriers that A1 is working hard to break down is accessible design tools that will allow ANYONE, of any age, to design in 3D and subsequently 3D print their designs.

During the 3D printing event later this month, Martin will engage the audience with a presentation called “3D Design for All”.  Citing the 12 million 3D CAD user base world wide, Martin will challenge this number within the context of the global population — some seven billion of us — many of whom would choose to design and make in 3D if the right tools were accessible to them.

Martin will explain to the 3D printing event audience just how this is becoming a reality by demonstrating the advantages of a complete — and integrated — portfolio of ultra-low cost 3D digital technologies for every stage of the design + make cycle for industrial users, individual hobbyists and creative designers as well as within all educational environments.

Product Range

• StudioMill — a 5-axis CNC machine complete with software and a range of tools.
• BfB 3000 — a pre-built 3D printer with conversion software for the printer, which will also check and repair .stl files.
• RapMan — a self-assembly 3D printer kit.
• Chameleon — a creative haptically-enabled 3D design package.
• DAVID laserscanner — a 3D laser scanner.

Bringing together such an agile range of 3D technologies — at such affordable prices — truly sets A1 Technologies apart in this field. The team at A1 works tirelessly to open up the 3D digital world to education, individual creatives and industry alike — with the dedicated aim of making these technologies fully accessible to all.

3D Printing Event, 25th October 2011
Seats2Meet, Strijp S, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

For more information, visit: www.ddw.nl or www.a1-tech.co.uk

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