A1 Technologies Causes a Stir in Bristol — Again

When the team from A1 Technologies presented live demonstrations of its cutting-edge range of 3D digital technologies to the Bristol Society of Model and Experimental Engineers (BSMEE) in May earlier this year the response from delegates was so positive that A1 was invited to participate at the Bristol Model Engineering and Hobbies Exhibition, which took place last weekend (19–21st August) in Thornbury, UK.

Aiming for a similarly positive response from the hobbyist and model maker visitors to the exhibition who come from across the UK and further afield, the A1 team actually found themselves inundated with enquiries from visitors and exhibitors alike. As always, the A1 stand was furnished with working systems covering the full range of 3D digital products it supplies with an open invitation for visitors to access the technologies for themselves. The equipment exhibited included tools for 3D design, 3D laser scanning, 3D printing and 3D machining — all of which can be fully integrated and all available from A1 at ultra low prices.

The interest and excitement that these technologies caused was palpable, and the positivity was contagious. What did become very clear over the three day exhibition however, was that the vast majority of these creative people were only being made aware of 3D digital technologies — and their capabilities — for the first time. For those visitors that were previously aware of the technology, few had seen them in action before and were taken aback by how accessible they were and how simple they were to operate effectively. This, despite the fact that virtually all of the visitors that engaged with A1 at the exhibition had a background in engineering. Furthermore, very few, when asked, were trained in 3D CAD but were fascinated to find out that by using A1’s easy-to-use 3D design package (Chameleon) and 3D laser scanner (David), they too could create designs in 3D and therefore, generate 3D data for 3D printing and/or machining to produce full 3D models.

Within this context, a large proportion of the visitors that spoke with A1 team members specified that they saw the main application would be to produce a pattern to generate parts from moulds for small volume builds for models. Specific examples included model aircraft, engines, cars, trucks and boats (there were many others).

Martin Stevens, CEO of A1 Technologies commented on the time invested in Bristol: “We spoke to hundreds of people during the exhibition and we were overwhelmed by their enthusiasm and excitement. No one walked away from our stand unmoved.”

He continued: “Before the exhibition opened each day, we had a short window of opportunity when we could wander around the show and look at the other stands. At this point, it was our turn to be blown away by the beauty of the models being shown, by the effort and the engineering ability that shone through every single model — real labours of love, built by people who not just loved what they did, but were very interesting and knowledgeable as well.”

The creative sector is built on a foundation of passion for designing and making and A1 Technologies will continue to demonstrate how 3D technologies can positively contribute to this passion.

For more information, visit: www.a1-tech.com.uk or www.bristolmodelengineers.co.uk/Exhibition/exhib.htm

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