3DP Unlimited Unveils Full Size 3D Printed Portrait

3DP Unlimited recently 3d printed a life-size portrait of one of their employees on the large format 3DP1000 3D printer.

The full-size replica of Kecheng Lu, a marketing specialist at 3DP Unlimited, took 7 days to print. The 3d model was printed as an upper and lower body section and assembled to create the final statue.

Prior to printing, Lu was 3d scanned by 3D body scan company ESUN 3D+, which had a scanning booth at CES 2015.

The original scan was a 800GB object file, which was reduced down to 4GB by using ZBrush. Simplify 3D was used to assign 3D print process settings to the file and to slice it.

The project is a great example of how 3d printing is not limited by the build volume of a 3d printer. When enough build and assembly time can be allocated to a project, parts of any size are possible.

For more information, visit: www.3dpunlimited.com

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