3DP Unlimited™ Announces 3DP1000™ 3D Printer

Why settle for ordinary when you can have EXTRAORDINARY large format 3D prints?

Introducing the 3DP1000™ from 3DP Unlimited™, a giant step forward for fused filament 3D printing

  • BIG - With 74x greater build area* than the average ordinary desktop 3D printer, the 3DP1000 will take your prints from ordinary to extraordinary.
  • Economical - with base platforms starting at $15,999, 3DP is lowering the cost barrier for entry into large format 3D printing.
  • Accurate - for precise prints, the 3DP1000 can print down to 70 micron layer resolutions.
  • Robust - the 3DP1000 is based on industrial strength linear motion and mechatronics that provide consistent quality performance.

The 3DP1000 is the ideal solution for a wide range of applications in industrial design, rapid prototyping, product development, automotive design, building & naval architecture, custom props, sculptures, stage sets, artistic development, and much, much more.

*The 74x bigger build area is based on a comparison with an average desktop type printer. For example the MakerBot® Replicator® 2 shows a build area of 410 cubic inches (11.2”L x 6.0”W x 6.1”H). By comparison, the 3DP1000 maximum build area is 30,510 cubic inches (39.37” L x 39.37”W x 19.68”H).

3DP Unlimited is a division of PBC Linear and is a company of skilled mechatronics engineers who embrace rapid advances in technology to innovate, design, and build next generation equipment for rapid prototyping. Having personal experience with inconsistent results produced by traditional 3D printer designs, 3DP Unlimited is committed to building on industrial strength linear motion components, actuators, and motors while maintaining affordable flexibility with open source software and control solutions.

For more information, visit: www.3DPUnlimited.com

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