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3DKitbash's intergalactic universe of 3D-printable characters continues to grow with their latest line of evil monsters from the planet Filamento. As 3DKitbash's current Kickstarter explains, three gigantic evil monsters will teleport to Earth through the largest-format 3D printer known to humankind unless backers designate hundreds of desktop 3D printers to the cause, diffusing the monsters' power.

In 2014, 3DKitbash introduced Quin, the articulated, 3D-printable doll, from the planet Filamento. According to her story line, Quin invented teleportation through 3D printers. Since then she has gotten upgrades, such as the “To Infinity” UpKit, which includes ray guns, a jet pack, and moon boots, and she's gotten a brother named NiQ. Boon, Quin's plucky, articulated and pose-able pet T-Rex, also joined her on Earth.

With news that these dangerous monsters have discovered her teleportation secrets and are on their way to Earth, Quin recently invented RukiBot to help secure the planet. RukiBot army squads are being printed all over Earth with 3DKitbash supporters posting pics of their prints to the 3DKitbash Facebook page and Instagram feed, reporting, “South Africa secure!” “Honolulu secure!” and “London secure!”

3DKitbash builds stories around their 3D-printable toys in a familiar cult-classic way that is still unique within the 3D printing space. “It's fun to see supporters print the characters and post pictures of them participating in the story online using #QuinSaga. They become part of this ongoing mythos that we're all creating together,” said co-founder, Quincy Robinson. On Facebook and Instagram fans to post pictures of the Quins, NiQs, Boons, and RukiBots they have printed doing things like designing monster-destroying weapons and training for combat with stuffed animal stand-ins for the encroaching monsters.

With a little help from Quin's crew and the RukiBot Army, backers can help tell the #QuinSaga online by posting pics of the epic battles that are certain to ensue when the monsters teleport to desktop 3D printers around the world.

3DKitbash hopes to raise $4,000 by October 31 to further develop the #QuinSaga and to create these well-engineered, articulated, 3D-printable monsters that print support-free.

If successfully funded, the monsters will be made available for sale before the end of the year.

For more information, visit: www.kickstarter.com/projects/3dkitbash/3d-print-monsters-and-help-save-the-world-from-doo

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