3D Slash 2.0 Modeling Software Released

Paris-based start-up 3D Slash has released a new version of its 3D modeling software. 3D Slash 2.0 makes 3D modeling faster, easier and more enjoyable than ever! 3D Slash is a unique 3D modeling tool thanks to its intuitive approach and captivating interface, it helps non-designers and children engage with 3D content creation.

3D Slash 2.0 simplifies so many functionalities that the former “Expert” tools are now integrated to the main Tool Menu. Users can now create refined models easily:

  • Copy-paste, move, resize and flip (among other actions) are now very simple and fast to perform
  • Parts of the model can now be selected and manipulated by color
  • Users can also pick up advanced features easily: import rounded shapes or external files (.stl or .obj), rework them and combine them
  • all still in a lively environment bearing the 3D Slash signature, with fun animations when cubes are destroyed.

Sylvain Huet, founder and creator of 3D Slash, comments on this new release:  “Our vision behind 3D Slash was to develop a tool that enables anyone to create or interact with 3D objects, in the same spirit of accessibility as tools like Windows PowerPoint. We believe this mission is fullfilled with this new version of 3D Slash! With fast-developing technologies relying on 3D content, such as 3D printing, augmented reality and virtual reality, our tool will prove invaluable to a growing number of users”.

3D Slash is seeing strong traction, with more than 70,000 files created since early 2015 on 3D Slash alone (this figure does not include the files created through 3D Slash’s partners such as AstroPrint, Pi-Top, YouMagine or La Poste). 

3D Slash is being used in a variety of situations, including STEM classes, at home and for professional use. These uses include:

  • Scale modeling, design-thinking, prototyping (for instance, 3D Slash is an essential building block for the Modular Internet of Things)
  • Booth design and optimization; design of logos, keychains, text plaques or other marketing items (especially for small businesses)
  • Digital entertainment (for children to create toys or fun shapes, paint and decorate them)
  • 3D Slash is also widely used as an educational tool,  in STEM classes or in earlier grades (to develop technology projects, study monuments outside and inside… or simply help children sharpen their three-dimensional vision).

For more information or to download, visit: www.3dslash.net


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