Davide Sher Launches 3D Printing Business Directory

A new global directory of 3D printing businesses wants to provide an essential tool for the entire industry to grow. Information on the companies that make up the 3D printing industry is scattered. The new global 3D PRINTING BUSINESS DIRECTORY addresses this issue by providing clear and accessible contact and business information on over 2,600 (and counting) industry operators.

The challenges in finding accurate and accessible information make it difficult for everyone who is not familiar with the industry - and even those who operate within the industry - to gain a clear understanding of the global market as a whole and how to find partners, customers and suppliers.

The Global 3D PRINTING BUSINESS DIRECTORY groups companies into 15 macro categories. These include over 300 3D printer manufacturers and 800+ 3D printing services, as well as material manufacturers, software publishers and industrial 3D printing adopters. They are further divided into 60+ subcategories that have been accurately selected to provide a map of the global market.

Every company in the directory is geolocalized on the interactive map, providing an immediate view of the distributed manufacturing network that is already in place today. Each company page also includes the company’s email, phone and fax numbers, along with links to the company’s social media pages.

For more information, visit: www.3dprintingbusiness.directory

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