3D Printhuset Creates New Construction 3D Printing Company

Due to the increased demand for 3D construction printers, 3D Printhuset, Denmark, which 3D printed the first building in Europe, The BOD, has decided to separate all its’ 3D construction printing activities in a new company called COBOD International. From here on COBOD will be responsible for the sale and manufacture of the popular BOD2 3D construction printer - an upgraded, modular, improved and 10 times faster version of the BOD1 printer, which printed Europe’s first 3D printed building, The BOD, in Copenhagen.

3D construction printing has made many headlines in the last couple of years, but it is first recently that a proper market for 3D construction printers has begun to emerge. 3D Printhuset has played a major role in this development and recently won the first ever EU public tender for a 3D construction printer. Following a steep increase in demand during the spring and the summer after the launch of the BOD2 construction printer, 3D Printhuset is concentrating its efforts within the 3D construction printing field in a new company, called COBOD International.

Henrik Lund-Nielsen, CEO of COBOD International explained: “With the large demand that we have seen for our 3D construction printing offer, including for our state of the art BOD2 construction printer, but also for our know-how and courses on 3D construction printing, these activities grew to deserve their own dedicated company. 3D Printhuset are doing multiple other successful activities besides from 3D construction printing, but lately we got so much attention to the 3D construction printing that some started to believe that we no longer did the other activities. Hence it made sense to separate out all the 3D construction printing activities in a new company only dedicated to 3D construction printing and I will personally take charge of the new company as the CEO due to the huge growth potential, which COBOD has”.

COBOD International was chosen as the name for the new company, which next to offices in downtown Copenhagen also has test and lab facilities, and a warehouse nearby in Copenhagen Harbor, which also is the location of the BOD building.

Asger Dath, Communication Manager said: “We wanted a name for the new company that clearly had a reference to construction, to our previous activities and to the automation of the building process, which our construction printers offer. As The BOD building, enjoys a unique and well-deserved reputation as the first fully permitted 3D printed building in Europe, it was obvious that the new name should have a reference to the BOD. Combining that with a “CO” as an abbreviation for construction in front of the “BOD” resulted in the name COBOD. Taken into consideration that “cobod” phonetically resembles “robot”, hereby clearly indicating that the company is into automatized construction processes, it was clear that COBOD should be the new name”.

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